Is this the Best Bonavita BV1900TS Review ever?

The Bonavita BV1900TS is a high-end drip coffee maker with innovative features that set it apart from the rest. Bonavita claims that their coffee maker keeps water at the perfect temperature for brewed coffee. Additionally, they boast the coveted showerhead design and a flat-bottomed filter basket, which work together to provide a more even saturation of the grounds. There’s even a “pre-infusion mode” that gets the coffee wet before the brewing starts. But how did all these features hold up against our in-depth review?

Here's what we found with the BV1900TS.

If you like to sip on your coffee throughout the day but don’t like the burnt taste that warming plates leave, this coffee machine is a wonderful choice that will keep a small pot of coffee warm for quite a while

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The Good

  • Thermal carafe keeps your coffee nice and hot for hours – no need for a hot plate
  • Pre-infusion mode allows you to soak the coffee grounds before starting the brew cycle – great for fresh local beans
  • Large, 12-hole showerhead design wets a larger surface area at one time for more even heated water distribution
  • Adjustable-position power cord can be placed at the front, side, or rear bottom of the machine

The Bad

  • No “sneak-a-cup” feature, but with a 5-minute brew time for a full pot, we didn’t really miss this
  • No self-cleaning setting, and the carafe has a ridge on the inside that makes it difficult to drip-dry
  • Users who go through a lot of coffee will probably not like the smaller capacity – this unit only brews 40 oz. of coffee (just over 1L)

In-Depth Bonavita BV1900TS Review

When it comes to coffee makers, we’re often looking for the best machines out there. We want something that’s not only going to change our morning, but our whole lives. That might be a bit of a stretch, but every now and then, a product comes along that really surprises us. The Bonavita BV1900TS is one such product.

The first difference we notice with the BT1900TS is that it uses a stainless-steel thermal carafe, as opposed to the glass carafes that most coffee makers use. This carafe works to insulate the coffee inside, keeping it hot much longer than the regular glass design. In fact, you don’t need to leave this pot on the hot plate – you can keep it on the table and it will stay warm for hours. This is very helpful for those who like entertaining, or those who just want to keep their cup nice and hot throughout breakfast.

The total brew time for a full pot of coffee with this machine is only about 5 minutes, which means that you can drink your coffee much sooner – definitely something we like in the mornings. The entire system shuts itself down once the pot is done, and because of the thermal carafe, there is no need for a warming plate. Best of all, even though the coffee inside stays nice and hot, the carafe itself remains cool to the touch, so you can even keep it on your kitchen table or counter without damaging your surfaces.

The brewing process itself is simple with the BT1900TS as well. Simply fill the non-removable water reservoir, using the easy-to-read markings. Next, place the basket on top of the metal carafe, and then fill accordingly. The basket-and-carafe combination then slides into place under the brew spout. We really couldn’t picture a simpler setup.

Bonavita BV1900TS Review continued

If you want to use the optional pre-infusion stage (which helps to degas fresh roasted and ground beans), you will need to hold the on-off switch for a few seconds. Users who only need to use the most basic brewing sections only need to flip the switch. There are no moving parts here, which means there’s much less that can go wrong. The only downside to this is that there is also no way to sneak a cup – there is nothing to stop the machine from brewing when the carafe is removed. However, since the entire brew cycle only lasts around five minutes, it doesn’t take much patience to wait for the cycle to finish.

The power cord on this machine was a wonderful innovation for us, as getting your cords out of the way (while still reaching the outlet!) is not always an easy task. This cord can actually be moved to one of the multiple positions coming from the bottom of the machine, so no matter where your outlet is, your cord can be safely tucked away with minimal effort.

Of course, when you’re looking for a new coffee pot, the taste of the final product will make all the difference. There are many factors that influence the way your coffee tastes. This Bonavita machine helps to control the brew time and water temperature, but the user is responsible for making sure that the machine stays clean, and that only quality products go in. We recommend using filtered water and freshly-ground beans. This particular coffee maker doesn’t include a grinder, a water filter, or a self-cleaning function, but it does offer the pre-infusion stage to get the most out of your fresh coffee.

Cleaning the machine isn’t a very difficult process, although we did find that drip-drying the carafe is difficult. There is a small plastic lip on the inner edge of the lid, and this will hold onto water when the carafe has been washed. A quick wipe will take care of that, and instructions for descaling your machine can be found on most commercially-available descaling solutions.

Bonavita BV1900TS Overall

Overall, we think this machine would work best for one or two people who like to savor their coffee. It takes time and effort out of the brewing process to get your coffee ready for your cup sooner, and the thermal carafe design keeps your coffee warm with no risk of scorching. This machine is specifically tailored for those who want a no-fuss gourmet coffee experience (and already own a coffee grinder). It’s not the best of the best, but it is a high-quality machine at a very reasonable price.