Where is the best place to buy k cups

Those who own pod-style brewers, such as Keurig machines, know that the costs of these low-initial-price machines can add up over time, through the purchase of the proprietary pods. While Keurig doesn’t have the highest price per pod out of all manufacturers, it’s still worth looking for the best place to buy your K-Cups, if you’re looking to save a little money.

Of course, your lowest-cost option will always be to use reusable K-Cups, such as the Ekobrew Refillables [ASIN B0051SU0OW] with optional paper filters [ASIN B00H4F3A88]. This will remove some of the convenience of a pod brewer, though – so we’ve compiled a list of other great K-Cup varieties that are available at a lower cost.

Directly from Keurig

When you register your Keurig coffee maker through the Keurig website at www.keurig.com, you will receive a “welcome” coupon that allows you to receive free shipping and a 10% discount on all future purchases. You will need your Keurig’s serial number to register your unit, which will allow you to activate discounts offered from Keurig directly.

Additionally, Keurig occasionally offers promotional coupons for new registrations, such as “buy two, get two free”. This would allow you to buy 4 boxes of Keurig K-Cups for the price of two boxes. This is currently the least expensive option we’ve found; however, this promotional coupon will only work once, and subsequent orders will be more expensive.

So, what to do when your promotional coupon has already been used, and you still need more coffee?

From Amazon

Amazon is one of the leading retailers for a wide variety of products, and the ability to “subscribe & save” adds even greater convenience and savings to your future purchases. We’ve collected a few of our favorite variety packs below.

Custom Variety Pack – Coffee Sampler for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 40 Count


This 40-count coffee sampler is a collection of 40 unique K-Cups, from over 500 total varieties. These mixed packs are a great way to try something new. These packs are best for those who want a wider variety, as there will be no duplicates within the pack, and there are no guarantees that subsequent packs will contain any of the same varieties. If you’re looking to try as many different coffee flavors as possible, these are the way to go.

Green Mountain Variety Pack, Keurig K-Cups, 72 Count


As one of the leading producers of K-Cups, Green Mountain Coffee offers a 12-pack of each of six popular flavors at one low price (made even lower when you subscribe to monthly delivery). These packs include five “traditional blends”, including Breakfast Blend and French Roast, and one “specialty flavor”, which is Caramel Vanilla Cream. If you’re looking for a selection of the most popular flavors, this variety pack offers exactly that.

Starbucks Pike Place Torrefaction Roast, K-Cup for Keurig Brewers


For Starbucks fans looking to supplement their daily trips through the drive-through with a more economical solution, the Pike Place Roast is one of their most popular K-Cup varieties, and it’s available in both 54-count and 108-count packs. This pack works well for those who just want a no-hassle cup and a consistent flavor every day.