The Best Single Serve Brewing system? Tassimo T65 review

Finding a great single-serve coffee brewer can be a daunting task for many. While Keurig tends to corner the market, the Tassimo T65 (TAS6515UC) by Bosch is not only a great alternative, but many people even prefer it over similarly-priced Keurig brewers. Naturally, the perfect machine for you will be largely a matter of personal preference, but we put the Tassimo T65 through an extensive review to see if it really measured up to the expectations of a single-serve brewer. Here’s what we found

The Tassimo TAS6515UC is a great alternative to similarly-priced Keurig brewers, offering true espresso and latte, as well as a variety of other great drinks. Convenient, modern, and quiet – perfect for a single-serve machine

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The Good

  • Machine is truly automatic – barcodes on the pods correspond to specific settings required to brew a perfect cup, every time
  • Pod selection includes Gevalia coffees, which are not available for Keurig brewers, as well as Tim Hortons, Maxwell House, and Twinings, to name a few
  • Built to last for years – many users have had their machines for four years and longer with no reported problems
  • Quiet and efficient, especially as compared to previous versions of Tassimo brewers that were made by Braun
  • Large, 1.8L tank means less filling
  • Display indicator lets you know when it’s time to descale
  • Makes true espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes, unlike the Keurig which only makes flavored coffees.
  • Attractive and compact counter presence – the gorgeous “Twilight Titanium” design is unlike any other machines we’ve seen

The Bad

  • Since the machine uses barcodes printed on the pods, you can’t (easily) use your own coffee. YouTube user photopuppet has a detailed tutorial explaining how you can create your own pods
  • This machine does not have a built-in water filter, so you will need to use filtered water to prolong the time between cleanings (and for a better tasting cup of coffee!)
  • Tassimo’s customer service leaves something to be desired, so we recommend purchasing through Amazon when possible – this will give you the benefit of Amazon’s stellar customer service reputation

In-Depth Tassimo T65 Review

Before we dig into this review, I’d like to address the fact that Tassimo has a more recent version of this machine – the Tassimo T55 – but many users found that the changes that were made negatively impacted the machine itself. As such, the T65 is technically an obsolete machine, but if you’re able to find and purchase one, we feel it would be a better choice than buying the newer version. That being said, let’s address the specifics of the T65.

The first thing you’ll notice about this machine is definitely its appearance. It has a dark blue and silver color combination that we don’t often see in coffee machines, and for those with a cooler color scheme in their kitchen, it’s much softer than the usual black and silver machines. Of course, it’s not going to match with every kitchen scheme, but it’s small enough it can easily be tucked away when not in use (as long as you empty the large water tank).

The water tank on the Tassimo T65 is significantly larger than most similarly-sized machines at 1.8L, which means that you can brew up to ten (six-ounce) cups before you need to refill the tank. If you have multiple coffee drinkers in your home, this is great. We do recommend emptying the tank any time the brewer will be sitting for longer than a day or two, to prevent the growth of bacteria. Additionally, users who won’t go through the full 1.8L each day or two may find that the water loses its freshness; in this case, it may be helpful to fill the tank only halfway.

Tassimo T65 Review continued

For those who have used a Keurig brewer only to find that their favorite coffee brand must be packed by hand (instead of available in a K-Cup), the Tassimo system is compatible with a different variety of pods than Keurig brewers are. The overall selection is significantly smaller with Tassimo machines, but they carry “premium” brands such as Gevalia – as well as the ability to create true espresso with a crema finish, as opposed to Keurig machines which can only create espresso-flavored coffee drinks.

One of the biggest features that makes the Tassimo T65 different than a Keurig brewer is the design of the pods themselves, which is probably (in part) why the selection isn’t as wide. Latte and cappuccino drinks are made with two separate pods – a milk pod and an espresso pod, as opposed to a single mixed pod. Additionally, the espresso pods actually use pressure, so that they can actually deliver espresso, and not just strong coffee. The flavored pods are usually artificially flavored, which is a bit of a disappointment, as is the lack of non-dairy milk pods to use. All in all, though, these two drawbacks are not likely to be deal breakers for the average coffee lover.

Aside from simply using two pods to do something that most other machines do with one, the way the machine uses the pods differs greatly, too. Unlike other machines that have the user program their settings, the Tassimo T65 automatically scans the barcode on each pod. This barcode stores information about the water proportion, temperature, steam, and so much more. The result is a truly zero-thought-required morning beverage that actually tastes pretty good. Espressos and coffees are served at the perfect temperature, and lattes have a smooth cream finish that simply can’t be matched by a Keurig.

Key Facts

  • Pod Espresso Machine
  • 2/5 $'s
  • Single Serving
  • Coffee pods

Of course, this highly-automated system has its own implied drawbacks – namely that, if your barcode reader goes out (outside of the one-year warranty period), your machine will not work. Additionally, the machine can only use the barcoded pods, so if your favorite pods are out of stock (or recalled, as once happened – thankfully the company remedied the issue and we haven’t heard of any such problems popping back up yet), your machine will most likely not get any attention until the issue has been sorted out. We were able to find a tutorial on YouTube that walks you through creating your own reusable pods, but it’s quite a hassle and not something you’re likely to want to do.

Tassimo T65 overall

Overall, we feel that this machine is a wonderful alternative for those who have been left disappointed by Keurig brewers. However, it’s not for everyone, and there are definitely some areas where Keurig wins – such as overall pod variety, as well as customization options. The Tassimo T65 does boast an amazing amount of automation and a higher quality beverage when all is said and done, at a similar initial investment and similar ongoing price.