Which countries consume most coffee (Infographic)

Which countries drink most coffee in each continent?

Finland 12.1kg per capita

The top 13 coffee consuming countries in the world are in Europe. Finland tops the list with a staggering 12.1kg of coffee consumed per capita per year, that's over 600 cups per person per year!

Lebanon 4.8kg per year

Few countries in Africa have significant coffee consumption but Lebanon bucks the trend. At 4.8kg per capita they're the country with the highest consumption outside of Europe

United States of America 4.1kg per capita

Given it's pretty much the national drink it's a surprise that the USA only comes 25th in the list of coffee consuming countries with Finland consuming nearly 3 times as much per capita

Brunei 4.0kg per capita​

In a similar way to Lebanon in Africa, Brunei stands out in Asia. Most of Asia focuses on tea rather than coffee production. The 4.0kg per capita in Brunei is reflective of the extreme wealth and limited population in the country

Honduras 3.9kg per capita​

It's somewhat surprising that it's taknen this long but we now come to the fist coffee producing nation on our list. It's by no means on it's own and other countries like Costa Rica have  similar consumption levels. As a general rile coffee producing countries tend to consume significantly less than those that import it!

New Zealand 3.7kg Per Capita​

Neither New Zealand nor any of the other Australasian countries have ​much of a reputation for coffee consumption, This has been channging over recent years but consumption is still significantly lower than the top consuming countries on other continents