Is this the most expensive espresso machine?

When it comes to living a life of luxury, there are few things more elegant than a high-end beverage maker. Since our beverage of choice is coffee, we were wondering – what’s the most expensive espresso machine on the market? Such a machine would surely have more features than the average coffee lover would ever possibly use, and may make the coffee extraction process so personal, it’ll be like having your own full-time home barista. Well, believe it or not, these machines actually exist.

Few things feel more luxurious than a top end Espresso maker

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Most Expensive in the World: Javabot by Roasting Plant

Roasting Plant Coffee was born out of a need for absolute luxury, and the Javabot was invented to fill all the gaps that other machines simply can’t compete with. This million-dollar all-in-one espresso factory manages the entire process from roasting to packaging or brewing. While not an espresso brewer itself, the innovations offered by this unique patented machine guarantee that Roasting Plant coffee is the finest cup you’ll ever taste. It's important to know that the Javabot machines are not available for purchase, and can only be seen in action at one of Roasting Plant’s New York City locations.

Javabot’s large, multi-tubed system looks a bit like a caffeinated church organ – the tubes hold the beans, which will be automatically weighed and sent for roasting via pneumatic pressure. The process prevents the beans from breaking in transit, which helps preserve their flavor. Then, they’re sent back to the tubes and left for no more than 48 hours before being dispensed directly into the brewers or into retail packaging.

Most Expensive for Sale: Jura Z6 Automatic Coffee Center


If you’re looking to actually own your own indulgent coffee maker, the Jura Z6 Automatic Coffee Center was designed to be its own barista. Coming in at over $3,000 at the time of this review, it’s not the right machine for everyone – with enough experience, you can learn to do everything the Z6 does manually. However, Jura designed this to be their most easy-to-use system of all – so anyone can make premium-quality specialty coffees. With 10 different drinks (three of which can be brewed two at a time) and the ability to customize the order in which these drinks appear in the menu, it really is like having your own coffee robot – with a significantly smaller price tag than the Javabot.

This machine is perfect for those who want the ease of a super-automatic and the customization of a manual machine, with an easy-to-use interface and an intense flavored drink at the end. The water reservoir, bean hopper, and controls are all accessible from the front of the device – and these controls are plentiful. Ten different kinds of drinks, ten different coffee strengths, and ten different milk temperatures gives the user a thousand different possibilities with every use. Jura also includes a 2-year warranty to cover anything that may go wrong, and almost every function you could possibly need – although it won’t roast your beans like the Javabot does.