Like Starbucks? You’ll love the Verismo 600 review

Starbucks lovers, rejoice – it is possible to bring the same cup of coffee you love right into your own kitchen. Of course, this isn’t really news; they’ve given you the option to purchase their brand of coffee for quite some time. But if you want a truly café-style experience, you’ll want to give the Verismo 600 Brewer a try. This coffee maker uses convenient coffee pods to deliver a consistent coffee shop feel with very little experience necessary. Here’s what we found with our in-depth review.

This is a simple-to-use home machine that should quench any latte-lover’s needs without breaking the bank

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The Good

  • Uses convenient coffee pods, but allows more customization than Keurig-style brewers
  • Very user-friendly system – definitely a must when you haven’t had your first cup yet
  • Users can purchase espresso pods and froth their milk separately, which tends to yield better results than using latte pods

The Bad

  • Setup can be a bit difficult, but once you finish this first step, subsequent use is super simple
  • Final coffee temperature isn’t quite as hot as we’d like, but this does mean you can begin drinking it much sooner.
  • The Starbucks-branded pods can be expensive for a home brewer, but the machine can use any K-FEE pods. CBTL pods, for example, are generally less expensive, and are proven compatible with this machine

In-Depth Verismo 600 Review

Your fancy latte prayers have been answered. The Starbucks Verismo 600 offers the ability to create customized Starbucks-style lattes in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost. While generally pod-style home coffee makers require a bit more money to run than the kind that uses plain grounds, there is no arguing that they are more convenient and new-user-friendly. (And they still cost far less than what having that cup at your local coffee shop would cost!)

This machine looks like a high-end appliance, although the plastic body could be improved by making it with stainless steel instead. Still, the manufacturer reassures us that the machine uses BPA-free plastic, which seems to be a decent compromise if you can’t afford an all-stainless unit.

Now, you might wonder how the Verismo 600 differs from other pod-style brewers (namely, the Keurig line). The primary difference here is that the Verismo uses milk pods in addition to the coffee pods – creating an indulgent, creamy treat. Of course, as with all single-serve pod-style coffee makers, the cost per cup is significantly higher than using ground coffee, but this isn’t meant to replace your drip coffee maker – this is meant to replace (or supplement) your Starbucks habit. When compared to the price of a latte in your local Starbucks three to five times per week, you could drink a cup from your Verismo every morning and still save money.

Verismo 600 Review Continued

Setting up the machine the first time can take a bit of practice, as is often the case when you get a new coffee maker. In this case, you will need to prime the machine by pumping the handle about 20 times. This will get the water flow started. Then, it’s best if you run the machine with each of the different settings, making sure the output is correct before you try brewing – trust us, you’ll be glad you did these “test runs” without any coffee.

Once you’ve finished your initial setup, using this coffee brewer is quite simple. Heating the water only takes about 30 seconds, once you’ve filled the reservoir at the back of the machine. We do wish that this water reservoir was fillable from the side, as many people would prefer to keep their coffee maker stored under a cabinet, and moving the machine every time you need to fill it can become inconvenient over time. Still, the overall footprint of this machine is not very large, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a place to put it where filling the water tank is easier for you.

Most coffee drinkers agree that the taste of the final coffee is the deciding factor. Even those who prefer the convenience of pod-style machines deserve to have a fantastic morning beverage, and thankfully, the Verismo 600 delivers a fine drink. Although the coffee pods are only about half the size of K-cups, this machine produced stronger coffee than a Keurig machine. This is great, as the Verismo-branded cups are more expensive than K-cups when bought in bulk – it’s good to know that you’re getting quality for the price.

For this being a Starbucks branded machine, we would have expected a greater variety in the number of options available, but unfortunately sticking with only the Verismo pods will limit you to just a few choices. There are ways to maximize your choices (and possibly save even more money) by using other compatible pods. However, Starbucks would prefer to get more of your money, so they don’t exactly make these compatible pods simple to find. A thorough read-through of the manual found that any K-FEE style pods will work with this machine. You can also choose to froth your milk separately, which allows greater choices in the type of milk used. (Starbucks currently only offers 2% milk pods.)

Key Facts

  • Starbucks Pod Machine
  • $100-$250
  • Single Serving
  • Coffee Pods

Now that you’ve finished your cup of coffee and you’re ready to move on with your day, the task of cleaning the machine comes into question. The Verismo 600 does have a somewhat automated cleaning function – that is, there is a “rinse” button that you can hold to rinse the internal components of the machine. We do wish that it had an actual self-cleaning function, but this button is a fair compromise.

Additionally, Starbucks knows that pod disposal can be a hassle with these types of machines, so they chose to include a collection bin for the used pods. If your machine will be placed near your kitchen trash can, this might be a useless extra feature, but it’s nice to not have to run each pod to the trash individually. (The used pods will automatically drop into the collection bin after brewing, and the bin can hold a maximum of ten pods before it needs to be emptied.)

Verismo 600 Overall

All in all, this is not the highest-end coffee maker we’ve ever used, it is great for those who want to save a little money while still enjoying the indulgence of their morning coffee shop trip. There are machines with more options, more features, and more power, but in this price range, we’re amazed at how well this machine holds up for the average coffee drinker. If you’ll be going through a lot of coffee, it might be better to use a non-pod-style machine, but for those who only have one to two cups per day, this little machine is built to impress (and last!).