Will you choose Krups? The KRUPS EA8250 review

All too often, when searching for an espresso machine, you’ll find one that’s targeted toward beginners or toward connoisseurs. It’s not often that you find a machine that’s equally enjoyed by all, but KRUPS seeks to offer exactly that with their EA8250 Espresseria.

This is a super automatic espresso machine that’s built to last, delivering consistent quality from the very first cup all the way to cup 6,000. But does it actually live up to the manufacturer’s claims? We put the KRUPS EA8250 through our extensive review process, and here’s what we found.

Simply put, if you want a perfect cup of espresso the first time and every time after that, the Krups EA8250 offers an attractive, intuitive design that takes all the guesswork out of your morning drinks

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The Good

  • Automatic clean and rinse cycle, with a notification when the machine requires extra attention (roughly every 360 cycles)
  • Waterproof guide kept handy in a side pocket - a wonderful addition that more machines should feature
  • Auto-off timer for energy efficiency
  • 2-year, 6,000-cup warranty proves that the company stands behind their product
  • Quick setup, easy-to-use interface, and an entirely intuitive process – perfect for beginners and connoisseurs alike

The Bad

  • Milk frother is difficult to clean and a bit awkward to use, as it doesn’t move freely
  • Water filters for this machine are expensive and don’t last very long (2-3 months with moderate use). We recommend using pre-filtered water once the included filter goes out, as the machine will run fine without it – but tap water may require more maintenance
  • There is no bypass doser for pre-ground coffee. This means your machine can’t do oilier coffees
  • The clock display only stays on when the machine is in use – which isn’t exactly a problem, but it almost defeats the purpose of having a clock on the machine 

In-Depth KRUPS EA8250 Espresseria Review

As soon as you open the box to your new KRUPS EA8250 Espresseria, you’ll notice the gorgeous design. This is a solidly-built espresso machine, and although the exterior components are plastic, they are very attractive. Rest assured that, although the outside is plastic, there are no plastic parts that come in contact with your coffee during the brewing process. Using a plastic shell helps to keep costs down, and given the long list of things they could have skimped on, we were happy to forgive the plastic casing.

The front interface of the KRUPS Espresseria has a large digital display, with four simple buttons and an easy-to-understand dial. Just in case the machine does something you’re not familiar with, there is a waterproof guide tucked into the side. Among all the machines we’ve reviewed so far, this is the first that provided a simple place to store the manual, and it’s something you really don’t know you need until you have it. We loved having the manual at our fingertips just in case any problems arose.

KRUPS EA8250 Review Continued

The display is very easy to read, with a high-contrast design and the simplest, most concise labeling. Want a strong espresso? Adjust the machine so that the display reads “Espresso Strong” – then dial in the water. Filling the machine is super simple, too – just fill the 275g bean hopper and the 1.75L water tank and you’re ready to go for quite some time. In fact, this machine has a larger capacity than most other machines of its size, including many at much higher price points.

Our first complaint with the Espresseria is that it doesn’t have a bypass doser, which we see in most machines that have a conical burr grinder like this. You can’t use oilier beans in a built-in grinder, so this machine does limit you on the types of coffee you can have. With the large capacity, unless you want to measure the beans every time you brew, the whole family will be drinking the same kind of coffee – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For those who will be experimenting with different beans and just want a machine that can handle them, this one probably can, as long as they’re not too oily.

Brewing is fast, like most other super-automatics, and this machine can go from cold start to first finished shot in right around two minutes. Just in case that’s not fast enough for you, it’s also programmable. Your Espresseria can be setup ahead of time to brew your first shot right when you’re ready for it, and shut itself off automatically after a half an hour. This is an incredibly important safety feature and we’re glad to see it’s been included.

Key Facts

  • Super Automatic Espresso Machine
  • 4/5 $'s
  • Single Serving
  • Bean to cup

Clean-up is, for the most part, pretty simple. The machine automatically rinses itself clean after every brew or steam cycle, so there’s no need to worry about taking apart the brew head. In fact, KRUPS has made the brew head inaccessible, but that’s a good thing for beginners. The drip tray is easy to remove, and although it doesn’t have an indicator letting you know when it’s time to dump, it’s pretty small – so anticipate dumping it a lot. The machine also lets you know when it needs more attention, such as a service repair or a descaling. To cut back on upkeep, we recommend using only distilled water and dry coffee beans in this machine.

There is a built-in water filter on this machine, but the replacement filters are quite pricey and only last a few months with moderate daily use. The machine will run fine without the filter in place, but it will take its toll on the machine after a while, unless you’re using filtered water. On average, we found the machine would run an average of 360 cycles before it needed further attention – which was indicated on the front display.

The steam accessory is something a bit different from the rest. Instead of using a traditional steam wand for milk, you place your milk into a stainless steel jug (included) and plug the line into the steam spout. The machine automatically does the rest – no need to know when to pull it out or how to move it for the perfect microfoam. Okay, maybe the foam isn’t the greatest, but it’s automatic and it’s actually pretty good. Still, we’d recommend using an external milk frother if you’re going to be making a lot of milk-based drinks. The included device is difficult to clean and doesn’t yield a very firm microfoam. It should hold up well to occasional use.

KRUPS EA8250 Review Overall

Some of us just want to wake up and have the perfect cup of espresso without worrying about every measurement and setting. Thankfully, KRUPS is looking out for us and has created the EA8250 Espresseria with a mission to simplify your coffee brewing. This company has heard almost every customer request and turned them into a fully-automatic espresso machine that’s built for versatility and consistency. This machine offers an even compromise between durability, price, customization, and convenience, with a beautiful exterior and self-cleaning interior. There are more expensive machines that can produce an even better experience, but why pay for something you’ll never miss?