Is it worth the money? Technivorm Moccamaster review

For many people, a traditional drip coffee maker is the best way to go for their morning fix. They’re usually easy to use, with a similar overall style as all the other drip coffee makers on the market. But what if you’re looking for a drip coffee maker that breaks out of the ordinary? The Technivorm Moccamaster KBT looks like it just stepped off a sci-fi movie set – which is only the beginning. How well did it standup to our Technivorm Moccamaster review?

If coffee is an indulgence for you and you want to make it an even more indulgent experience, the Technivorm Moccamaster is often described as the Rolls Royce of drip coffee makers – and it has definitely earned that reputation.

The Technivorm Moccamaster is the Rolls Royce of drip coffee makers – and it has definitely earned that reputation

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The Good

  • This machine is scientifically designed to craft an amazing cup of coffee
  • Very unique look – not just a slight variation of the usual
  • Fully-thermal carafe keeps coffee hot for up to 5 hours, when it’s preheated before the coffee is brewed
  • 10 ½ cup brewing capacity
  • Brews quickly – around 6 minutes for a full carafe, and around 4 minutes for a half carafe
  • Coffee actually stays around 200 degrees F throughout the entire brewing process for better extraction
  • Durable design lasts for years of daily use
  • These coffee makers are hand-made in the Netherlands
  • No pump – one less moving part means one less thing you may need to repair in the future

The Bad

  • It is a rather expensive drip coffee maker – but the improvement over less expensive machines is immediately apparent
  • Largely plastic construction, although this doesn’t seem to interfere with the brewing process, the taste, or the durability in the slightest
  • Not programmable

In-Depth Technivorm Moccamaster Review

Let’s pretend for a minute that the highly-technical-sounding brief review up above was a bit intimidating. That’s completely understandable, especially since this coffee machine is – literally – unlike any others. Much to our surprise, the actual setup process was very simple – just install the brewhead wand, the filter basket, and the necessary covers. The filter basket itself is pretty straight forward, as long as you have the handle pointed toward you. This machine uses a #4 cone paper filter. The filter basket and both covers are plastic.

The stainless steel brew wand is designed to distribute water in line with the bottom of the wedge. Nine holes in the brew head wand ensure that the water is evenly and effectively spread across all the grounds, and we found that it did a great job at this. Before reaching the brew head, the water is siphoned from the heating chamber and through an insulated plastic tube. This insulated tube makes sure the water actually stays at the optimum brewing temperature throughout the entire brewing process. (For comparison, most Mr. Coffee machines will heat water to 200 degrees F, but by the time it reaches the brew head it can be as low as 169 degrees F.)

Technivorm Moccamaster Review Continued

Now, the extent of customization that you get with most drip coffee makers is the type of water, the type of beans, and, of course, what proportions to use them in. The Technivorm Moccamaster adds an extra switch to control the water flow. This can be helpful if you’re brewing small pots, as the water will need time to sit on the grinds before passing through. The three-position switch allows for full flow, partial flow, and closed. For full pots of finely ground coffee, you’ll want to keep it fully open. If you’re using coarse grounds or small pots, experiment with the partial and closed options to make sure your cups are perfect every time. Expect some trial and error – this is a precision coffee machine.

The stainless steel vacuum carafe is another of the biggest draws of the Moccamaster KBT. It is important to realize that a thermal vacuum carafe is not like your standard glass carafe, particularly when it comes to pouring. The lid must be turned to the appropriate position in order to pour, otherwise you will have a mess on the counter. You should also take care to pour slowly – after all, if you’re buying a Moccamaster, it’s probably because you want a little “me time” in the morning. Not only does slowing down help you savor the pleasant aromas present in your coffee, but it also prevents the coffee from pooling and spilling. We do wish there was a dimple in the rim of the pouring edge to help keep this from happening. You can remove the lid completely to pour, but you will still need to pour slowly.

Key Facts

  • Drip Coffee maker
  • $$$
  • 10+ Cup
  • Ground Coffee

Of course, this machine isn’t magic – it does have its downsides as well. It is not automatic or even programmable. You will need to spend a minute or so filling the machine up in the morning, which is a slight inconvenience, but definitely not a deal-breaker. (Besides, coffee that’s been sitting in a not-air-tight machine all night isn’t going to be the greatest, anyway.) It also performs best with freshly-ground higher-end coffees, which makes it a bit of a long-term investment, as well. However, putting cheap coffee in it isn’t exactly going to cause problems – it’s just not going to do the special things it’s specifically designed to do.

Lastly, there are a number of complaints comparing the plastic parts to the high price tag. This machine does use a lot of plastic parts that are designed to snap apart somewhat easily. The plastic is durable and BPA-free, and all the important parts that really shouldn’t be plastic, aren’t. All the pieces that snap apart are meant to snap apart, to minimize the risk of breaking your machine while trying to clean it. All the pieces that aren’t supposed to be messed with are firmly attached.

In the end, the Technivorm Moccamaster KBT is really not necessary for everyone. The high price tag and unusual appearance make it a poor fit for the average household. But for those who are looking to turn their morning coffee into an out-of-this-world experience, the Moccamaster KBT is a precision-tuned device that’s able to perfectly capture every note. If you’re interested in coffee’s natural, chemical, and technical artistry, this is one of the best machines on the market. If you want something that will have a halfway decent cup of coffee waiting for you when you wake up, you’d probably be happier with something else.